"Cherish the small insignificant moments, they become the lasting memories"

author unknown

Heyyy! It's me, Anna!

I’m a wife, mother and a little dog obsessed. A self-confessed hopeless romantic and a sun chaser!
You’ll find me frolicking in fields of long grass or between the rustling trees.
Catching the last rays of the day’s sun all while you enjoy each other’s company and bask in the glory of the golden rays of setting sun!
I have been capturing love for over ten years! With each session I fall in love with my craft even more!

I absolutely LOVE love!

Capturing love is the most amazing experience!

The connection we share as people in love is something so pure and un touched.
The touch of a mother's lips on her new baby, the moment a man see's the love of his life all in white.....
Nothing beats capturing these moments of pure joy and love!
It's MAGIC!!
You will hear me squeal when it happens, yep like a young school girl…
All because I'm so passionate about capturing LOVE! I love what I do and just can’t hide it….
And I’m not sorry about it at all!!!

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